Uncommon Freedom

An Intense Evacuation Through The Eyes of An 11 Year Old

July 05, 2022 Kevin Tinter Season 1 Episode 15
Uncommon Freedom
An Intense Evacuation Through The Eyes of An 11 Year Old
Show Notes

On Sunday, Jun 26, 2022, our family was in the middle of a “routine” church service when a commotion in the aisle led to a rapid evacuation by the majority of people sitting in our section. Because of the national tension created by the recent US Supreme Court decision regarding Roe. vs. Wade and threats from left-wing extremist groups like Jane’s Revenge (Jane’s Collective), people were on high alert and probably overreacted. It was my first time being in a chaotic situation like this with my family so it was a unique experience for me as well. Dylan share’s his perspective on the commotion, the fear induced by the evacuation, and then what he felt as he watched his father rush back into the chaos to help investigate and potentially neutralize the threat if any.

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About Dylan: Dylan is 11 years old and getting ready to enter 6th grade in August. He loves playing basketball, football and being the older brother to his adopted sister, who is an answer to his childhood prayers. You’ll hear Dylan’s mature understanding of the world combined with what’s left of his juvenile innocence in this evil, chaotic culture we live in. 

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