Uncommon Freedom

From Teen Addict To Uncommon Freedom, Part 2 of 3

July 18, 2022 Kevin Tinter Season 1 Episode 17
Uncommon Freedom
From Teen Addict To Uncommon Freedom, Part 2 of 3
Show Notes

In this series of interviews, I have a conversation with my amazing friend Elisa Medina who is an incredible wife, mother, and impact maker. Elisa shares how the tragic and sudden death of her mother drove her to a life of drug & alcohol abuse and wild living in her teens. She fled to the northeast corner of the country to live with a family member who supported her wild living and even encouraged Elisa to get an abortion when she was confronted with an unplanned pregnancy. Elisa shares how there are no accidental parents as God used this unplanned pregnancy to pull her out of her wild life and get on a path to Uncommon Freedom®. 

Her father’s support and encouragement gave her the courage to keep her baby and move back to Tucson, AZ. After becoming a single mother, Elisa began working at Hands of Hope, a resource center for women facing the challenges of an unplanned or even unwanted pregnancy. She eventually became the CEO and served in that capacity until she stepped down in 2020 to be more present in her home. Elisa and her husband Fernando are currently focused on helping people thrive in their mind, body, and finances through their organization Medinas on Mission.

About Elisa: Elisa Medina is the Co-Founder of Medinas on Mission along with her husband Fernando. She is a certified Health and Wellness Coach and has a passion to see people thrive in all areas of their health...body, mind, and finances. Together they have four children and three grandchildren and reside in Tucson, Arizona.

Elisa spent 16 years serving in Pro-life Ministry. Most recently, she held the CEO position at Hands of Hope located in Tucson, Arizona until stepping down in 2020 to be more present in the home.

She is a gifted communicator, speaker, and mentor. She is often sought out to speak about pro-life issues, leadership, marriage and parenting, and healing from trauma. Her personal life experiences compel her to be vulnerable in order to connect authentically with her audience. Her ultimate life-long pursuit is to live and love like Jesus.

Facebook: Elisa Medina 
Instagram: @elisamedina7 
For speaking requests, email: medinasonmissonaz@gmail.com

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