Uncommon Freedom

From Guardian to Enemy of the State, Part 1 of 2

November 14, 2022 Kevin Tinter Season 1 Episode 23
Uncommon Freedom
From Guardian to Enemy of the State, Part 1 of 2
Show Notes

In this two-part episode, you will hear my riveting interview with the 2020 US Coast Guard Academy Honor Grad, LTJG Alaric Stone, and an attorney from the Thomas More Society (TMS), Steve Crampton. This episode was recorded a few hours before a fundraising event that we hosted for the TMS. TMS is a public interest law firm that specializes in representing clients facing persecution for religious beliefs and other first amendment violations. LTJG Stone shares about his journey to attending college at the US Coast Guard Academy, which in itself is an incredible accomplishment. However, his accomplishments continued as Stone was the Honor Grad for the 2020 graduating class. Stone shares how his Stellar career is being jeopardized by his religious conviction to not get the COVID vaccine due to the fact that every manufacturer uses aborted fetal cell tissue in their research and/or production. Mr. Crampton shares some of the cases that he has been involved in, especially the case involving LTJG Stone. Most Americans are clueless as to the amount of targeting that is happening by our federal government and military branches against people of faith. This episode will increase your awareness and probably give you goosebumps regarding how our freedoms are being eroded. Bekah and I offered a $75,000 dollar match to raise funds for TMS, so if you can support them, we would be honored to have you join with us in supporting this incredible ministry. 

Helpful Links:

Thomas More Society: https://thomasmoresociety.org. If you or someone you know needs religious freedom, pro-life, or vaccine legal help, have them contact the Thomas More Society.

https://www.facebook.com/thomasmoresoc/Twitter - @ThomasMoreSochttps://www.linkedin.com/company/thomas-more-society/https://www.instagram.com/thomasmoresocietylaw

About the Guests: LTJG Alaric Stone is the Honor Grad of the 2020 graduating class of the US Coast Guard Academy. To give you an idea of the caliber of person that he is, this is an excerpt from a recent performance evaluation (used by permission): “Recommend in-zone reorder ; performing well above paygrade. Exemplary officer that embodies critical leadership skills, work ethic, technical acumen, & commitment to core values. Intrinsically motivated & forward leaning w/ limitless potential. Highest recommendation for future afloat tours as WMSM/WMED OPS, WMSL CSO; will no-doubt excel & compete for O3 Command positions. Must-select for Cyber, Cryptology billets. Drive & passion w/impeccable academic record underscores highest rec for Public Admin, Law & Intel PG programs. Prime select, high vis assignments incl: White HOuse, CGLO, Congress & Flag aide.”

Attorney Steve Crampton is a highly skilled litigator specializing in constitutional law. He has litigated civil liberties cases at the highest levels, from state supreme courts to federal appellate courts to the United States Supreme Court. In addition, Mr. Crampton has represented and advised both state and federal legislators, including United States Congressmen, on drafting and defending legislation. Mr. Crampton has also made frequent appearances in the media, including the O’Reilly Factor, Sean Hannity’s show, Fox & Friends, ABC, NBC, CNN and countless other television and radio programs. He resides in Tupelo, MS.

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